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Topics and/or Titles

Since Mike's whole background is in the field of sales, business and management, he relishes those speaking opportunities that enable him to work with salespeople, (retail or outside), business executives or entrepreneurs. Mike worked with and/or knew such well-known speakers/consultants as: J. Douglas Edwards, Charles Cullen, Fred Herman, Elmer Wheeler, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, Art Linkletter, Og Mandino, Zig Ziglar, and Dr. Ken McFarland, all of whom have since passed away. He is one of the very few people who Zig Ziglar asked to provide outside input on his best selling book, SECRETS OF CLOSING THE SALE. Thus, you can be assured that Mike speaks with authority on any facet of the sales process.

Mike is comfortable speaking for:
- Outside Sales (business to business or business to consumer), retail sales, or trade show sales

Among the topics he can include in any sales presentation are:

- "Eight Great Traits of Superstar Salespeople"
- Building rapport / positive relationships with clients/customers/guests
- Organization / Time and Territory Management
- Professionally dealing with the gatekeeper
- Effectively making "cold" calls....we prefer to call them "new" calls
- Prospecting skills
- Asking the Right Questions / Qualifying the Prospect 
- Making an effective presentation
- Overcoming objections
- Closing the sale
- Follow up after presentations
- Marketing goes way beyond selling
- Getting and using testimonials
- Creative marketing concepts


Since many of Mike's speeches are to sales groups who only have 50-60 minutes of time to allow, Mike will make the presentation motivational and humorous, but include the facet(s) of selling and/or marketing that is most important to the client. What he can cover is heavily contingent upon the amount of time he is given.                                                                   


"Managing Change"
"Leadership by Example....Positively"
"Eight Great Traits of Superstar Leaders"
"Ethics in Today's Business World: It Starts at the Top"
"Time Management for Managers and Supervisors"
"Eight Great Traits of Superstar Entrepreneurs"
"Conducting Effective Staff Meetings"   (Making them "want to" attend meetings rather than "have to" attend meetings
"Finding, Hiring, Motivating, Training and Retaining Good People"
"Employee Engagement: Enhancing Productivity"
"Building Morale Among Employees with "Employee Friendly" Policies versus Destroying Employee Morale with "Employee Un-friendly" Policies

CUSTOMER SERVICE (Patient Service for Healthcare Groups / Member Service for Credit Unions)

"You Can't Separate Effective Customer Service from Effective Sales Skills"
"Effective Customer Service Starts at the TOP" (for management)
"Every Department is the Customer Service Department"
"How to Avoid Customer Complaints"
"How to Deal with Customer Complaints"
"Building Strong Client Relationships"
"Eight Great Traits of Superstar Servers" (for restaurant servers/wait staff)
"Ten Tips for Greater Tips" (for restaurant servers/wait staff or taxi drivers)


"Speaking Skills for the Amateur"
"Speaking Skills for the Professional Speaker"
"Speaking Skills for Business Executives and/or Salespeople"


"Coping with Change"
"Realistic Thinking and Positive Doing"
"Teamwork Makes the Difference"
"Little Ideas Pay Big Dividends"


"Communicating Effectively"
"Communicating with Confidence"
"Unleashing Your Creativity"
"You Don't Have to Be Creative to Utilize Creativity"


Mike has emceed, facilitated, or moderated more than 50 different programs, with audiences ranging from 10 to 9,000.

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